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The English word football may mean any one of several team sports (or the ball used in that respective sport), depending on the national or regional origin and location of the person using the word. So where English is a first language the unqualified use of the word football is used to refer to the most popular code of football in that region 5 Percy M. Young, A History of British Football, London, 1973, chaps 1-3; Montague Shearman, Athletics and Football, London, 1881, chap. 1 and Charles Alcock, Football: Our Winter Game, London, 1874, chap. 1. Since Young however, football historians have tended to avoid the topic, which is why Harvey and Goulstone have been able to rediscover it as a 'secret history' or 'real story. football | Origin and meaning of football by Online Etymology Dictionary FOOTBALL Meaning: Þe heued fro þe body went, Als it were a foteballe, Octavian I manuscript, c. 1350), from foot (n.) + See definitions of football

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  1. In order to really understand something, you must know its history. This is one of the reasons I have decided to write a series of articles about the history of football
  2. Pour des articles plus généraux, voir Chronologie et Histoire du football. Les origines du football recouvrent une période où le jeu de football connaît sa genèse, parfois nébuleuse. Le présent article détaille les éléments historiques notables antérieurs à 1835
  3. The Ancient Origin of Football Historic artifacts and enduring traditions make it clear that football has been played in Egypt, Ancient China, and Rome. The game's basic principles survived through the years and went on to be played during the medieval times. Soccer's Origin in Ancient Egyp
  4. The Origins of football tells the story of football from its remotest origins. The documentary is a faithful reflection of the evolution of this sport, from its beginnings until it became the..
  5. Origin Football. FOOTBALL COLLECTIONS: May 1, 2020 Sadio Mane Skills And Dribbles HD. April 13, 2020 Kylian Mbappe Skills and Dribbles 2020 HD. April 11, 2020 Neymar Jr 2020 - Skills & Goals HD. April 5, 2020 Cristiano Ronaldo Skills Show 2020. Contact us: Fill out the below form to send your message and feed about us. Name * Email * Message * Submit. YouTube Tutorials: April 6, 2020 How to.

Since football players were supposed to be amateurs, these practices were questioned by the Amateur Athletic Union but for every tactic declared illegal, a new one was developed. Thus the scene was set for the AAA-PAC showdown. The actions before, during and after the game are as intriguing as the fact that someone was openly paid to play football for the first time. The Allegheny football. FIFA 20 donne vie à deux facettes du Jeu Universel. Grâce à la technologie Frostbite™, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 20 pour PC vous propose les deux facettes du jeu universel : le prestige du football professionnel et une toute nouvelle expérience de street football avec EA SPORTS VOLTA Foot and Ball. This is because when the game was first invented a ball would be kicked with a foot to score points. The game has remained largely unchanged, unlike other sports named in a similar way. Rugby (a joining of the words Rug and Bee) was once a very different sport, devised by the Earl of Digby after spilling a jam sandwich on a picnic rug, thus attracting a wasp. The. Découvrez de grands jeux PC et Mac sur Origin. Jouez aux derniers RPG, jeux de tir, jeux Sims et plus encore. Profitez des démos et essais et obtenez des jeux totalement gratuits The Origin of Soccer Augustus Rachels. Loading... Unsubscribe from Augustus Rachels? With a sport as popular as football, you would think people would agree on what its name is. But despite.

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Le football est un sport collectif opposant deux équipes de onze joueurs cherchant à marquer des buts au moyen d'un ballon sphérique. A l'exception du gardien, les joueurs peuvent utiliser. A video about how football evolved through the years Item title reads - The origin of football! Calcio XVth century game, from which our game is derived, revived in all its medieval splendour. Florence, Italy. L/S as buglers and drummers walk. Rugby, football game played with an oval ball by two teams of 15 players (in rugby union play) or 13 players (in rugby league play). Both rugby union and rugby league have their origins in the style of football played at Rugby School in England. According to the sport's lore, in 1823 William Webb Ellis, a pupil at Rugby School, defied the conventions of the day (that the ball may only be. Football's past is set in stone, yet its future remains unclear. The likelihood is that more and more technology will be introduced to help referees out. There are also plans to allow more teams to take part in competitions such as the World Cup and European Championships. One of the biggest questions for the footballing authorities is how they deal with the ever increasing money in the.

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Le football, tel que nous le connaissons, est né vers la fin du XIXème siècle en Angleterre quand la Football Association, toute première instance dirigeante de ce sport fut créée le 26 octobre 1863 pour jouer avec un ballon qu'il était interdit de jouer avec ses mains, pas plus que l'adversaire. Ce jour-là les partisans du rugby et les adeptes du football décident de se séparer Origin of Indian Football Chants (Part 1) - Duration: 3:15. Indian Football Ultras TV 61 views. 3:15. Poznan Celebration in Indian Football - Duration: 2:28.. There are numerous football chants used by a number of football clubs in India. Have you ever wondered where did the chants used so widely in Indian Football were derived from? Here is the part 2.

the creation of football Cover art photo provided by Ben Hershey on Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/@benhershe The origin of Football Terms. Posted by Kris Hans on April 22, 2003. I was wondering where the terms quarterback, fullback, and halfback cam from. Also where did the term punt come from? The origin of Football Terms - Rugby TheFallen 04/23/03; The origin of Football Terms Henry 04/23/0

Football definition, a game in which two opposing teams of 11 players each defend goals at opposite ends of a field having goal posts at each end, with points being scored chiefly by carrying the ball across the opponent's goal line and by place-kicking or drop-kicking the ball over the crossbar between the opponent's goal posts. See more American Football History and Origin. By: Sean Carter: American football emerged from the European game of Rugby in 1879. Walter Camp, a player and coach of Yale University, is recognized as The Father Of American Football as the early rules of the game was instituted by him. However, previous to that, the students of Princeton were already playing a game called Ballown. It was about. The origin of football . April 10, 2013. By young29 BRONZE, Rocky Hill, Connecticut. More by this author Follow young29 . young29 BRONZE, Rocky Hill, Connecticut 1 article 0 photos 0 comments. La franchise EA Sports s'agrandit. Des fonctionnalités inédites vous attendent dans cette nouvelle version. Découvrez-les vite ! Avec le moteur Frostbite™ et la Technologie de mouvements réaliste, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 18 propose une expérience de jeu à la frontière du virtuel et du réel, donnant vie aux joueurs, aux équipes et au football pour vous plonger au cœur du jeu universel

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foot (n.) terminal part of the leg of a vertebrate animal, Old English fot foot, from Proto-Germanic *fōts (source also of Old Frisian fot, Old Saxon fot, Old Norse fotr, Danish fod, Swedish fot, Dutch voet, Old High German fuoz, German Fuß, Gothic fotus foot), from PIE root *ped-foot. Plural form feet is an instance of i-mutation.. The linear measure was in Old English (the exact. Plus, get 10% off all Origin purchases. VOLTA FOOTBALL. From the court to the cage, take football back to the streets in VOLTA FOOTBALL. Match Types. Play it your way from the moment the whistle blows with 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, and Professional Futsal in arenas of all sizes. Player & Apparel. Personalize your play from head to toe with countless customization options. Complete challenges to unlock. Foot the bill. Posted by ESC on October 16, 2001. In Reply to: Old sayings origin posted by Nikki on October 15, 2001: origin of foot the bill. FOOT THE BILL - simply means to sign your name at the foot or bottom of the bill. Obviously the one who 'foots the bill' assumes the responsibility for paying it. From the Morris Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins by William and Mary Morris.


  1. The origin of professional football can be traced back to 1919, with William Pudgeprofessional Heffelfinger's $500 contract to play in a game for the Allegheny Athletic Association against the Pittsburgh Athletic Club. The first game ever was in 1869, it was the Rutgers against Princeton. The National Football League (NFL) began in 192
  2. The football shoe went from its original boot configuration to a lower cut design, and as in the case of all of the other equipment components we've discussed, technology in terms of materials.
  3. In conclusion, the word soccer comes from England, but it has been used in America and other countries to refer to the original Football that is played and referred to as Football around the world. For more information on where the word SOCCER came from visit Mystery Solved - the Real Origin of the Word Soccer
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Today I found out the origin of the word soccer. For all you out there who love to complain when Americans, and certain others, call Football, Soccer, you should know that it was the British that invented the word and it was also one of the first names of what we now primarily know of as Football Association football, more commonly known as football or soccer, is In the case of international club competition, it is the country of origin of the clubs involved, not the nationalities of their players, that renders the competition international in nature. The major international competition in football is the World Cup, organised by FIFA. This competition takes place every four years. The details and stories of how the original Football Manager game was created | Check out 'The Origin of Football Manager Book' on Indiegogo

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Netflix's The English Game is based on the origin of professional football in England. Much of the story is true, but several elements are fictional. By Joseph Garabed Mar 28, 2020. Share Tweet Email. 0. Comment Share. Netflix's The English Game is a miniseries set in England and Scotland during the late 1800s and tells the (mostly) true story of English football evolving from an amateur game. Le football /futbol/ (dans la langue orale, par apocope, le foot), ou soccer (/sɔkœʁ/, en anglais : ; en Amérique du Nord), est un sport collectif qui se joue principalement au pied avec un ballon sphérique. Il oppose deux équipes de onze joueurs dans un stade, que ce soit sur un terrain gazonné ou sur un plancher. L'objectif de chaque camp est de mettre le ballon dans le but adverse.

Origin of football? We need you to answer this question! If you know the answer to this question, please register to join our limited beta program and start the conversation right now Football. Atari . Football gaming didn't get off to an auspicious start. Atari's Football for the 2600/VCS arrived in 1978, in the vanguard of titles released for the console system in the first. (Working) Theory on the Origin of Football So, I was thinking about why BMO's alter-ego/imaginary friend/mirror self was named football and I thought of an idea that I want some feedback on. So, at this point we are unsure of exactly the source of what cause the great Mushroom War 1000+ years ago, but we do know it had something to do with nuclear weapons Learn about the history of Pro Football through its birth, the teams, a timeline, news archives and much more History of football (soccer) A sport similar to football (called soccer in the United States and elsewhere) was played 3000 years ago in Japan. Chinese text from 50 BC mentions football-type games between teams from Japan and China. A text dating from 611 AD confirms that football was played in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan

The Origin of Football. Mount. Olypmus, Greece Who would have known that the ancient Greek Gods invented football? Once upon a time, on the grassy main lands of Olympus, the gods had just finished eating their daily meal of pork and bud light. They had pork every day, except on Monday, where they had the Taco Bell 1$ special. Every day, except on Monday, the gods threw out the pigskin from the. FIFA became a member of the International Football Association Board of Great Britain in 1913. Red and yellow cards were introduced during the 1970 World Cup finals. More recent major changes include goalkeepers being banned from handling deliberate back passes in 1992 and tackles from behind becoming red-card penalties in 1998. Some of the top players throughout history include Pele (Edson.

He was the general athletic director and head advisory football coach at Yale University from 1888-1914, and chairman of the Yale football committee from 1888-1912. Camp played football at Yale and helped evolve the rules of the game away from Rugby and Soccer rules into the rules of American Football as we know them today I presume you are referring to American football, and that its name is odd in that it is played predominantly with the hands, rather than the feet? American football has its origins in European football (soccer), where the ball is controlled by t.. Football is a word which could mean one of several sports.The best-known type of football is association football.This is called soccer in North America, South Africa, and Australia to avoid confusion with other types of football that are commonly played there.The name football comes from the two words 'foot' and 'ball'. It is named football because the players of the game walk and often run. Football Etymology - The Origin of Offensive Position Names. Have you ever wondered why we call an offensive lineman a tackle when he can be prohibited coming from tackling? AntiqueFootball analyzes the etymology of modern Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Comment. Name * Email * Website. Recent Posts Roger Federer. superbe Maillot Football real de madrid taille 2xl adidas rétro 2010. 29,90 EUR + livraison . Maillot jersey shirt maglia camiseta inter 2011 2012 11/12 M milito sneijder . 39,00 EUR. livraison: + 15,00 EUR livraison . Nike Maillot Fc Barcelone Football Extérieur 2016/2017 Enfant. 29,00 EUR . livraison: + 14,00 EUR livraison . Maillot Officiel Naples Napoli Higuain M. 35,00 EUR. livraison.

superbe Maillot Football real de madrid taille 2xl adidas rétro 2010. 29,90 EUR + livraison . Maillot jersey maglia shirt france uhlsport porte worn M aj Auxerre vintage rare. 41,30 EUR. 59,00 EUR. livraison: + 15,00 EUR livraison . Maillot jersey maglia shirt us Boulogne sur mer worn porte CFA france national L . 34,30 EUR. 49,00 EUR. livraison: + 15,00 EUR livraison . superbe veste nike. The football huddle was still unusual enough in the 1920s that it made fans at college games wonder what was going on and led to complaints about the game being slowed down. There are a few. Retrouvez tous les avis et tests Football D'origine sur Aliexpress France ! Livraison rapide Produits de qualité à petits prix Aliexpress : Achetez malin, vivez mieu Rugby league legend Billy Slater believes the Broncos have robbed Darius Boyd of his football soul and called for him to be reinstated as the Brisbane fullback

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He always thought big, and so the origin of the universe was his project, Carolyn said. The more we found that had craters on them, the more excited he was. Chapter 3: Shooting for the. Art Nouveau pair of vases with glass inserts by WMF. Maker - WMF Signed - On the edge of foot Origin - Germany Style - Art Nouveau Material - silver plated with glass inserts Period - 1890-1919 Size - 21 cm high Weight - 450 grams Condition - Good condition - small signs of aging and blemishes. Please View photo' FOOTBALLORGIN.NE The origin of Football Terms. Posted by Henry on April 23, 2003. In Reply to: The origin of Football Terms posted by Kris Hans on April 22, 2003: I was wondering where the terms quarterback, fullback, and halfback cam from. Also where did the term punt come from? In rugby, the players are forwards, halves, three-quarters or full backs. The names come from their positions. The forwards make up.

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Word Association Football What's the origin of the phrase 'Word Association Football'? Word association is a psychological technique invented by Jung in which patients are asked for an immediate response to any word fired at them. A word game based on this in which the first player starts with a word and subsequent players have to follow with a related word and so on has been staple fare for. Traduce origin of football. Ver traducciones en inglés y español con pronunciaciones de audio, ejemplos y traducciones palabra por palabra Ancient Origin of Soccer. Change and Present - Day Soccer. History of Soccer Balls More. Football comes to London. In 1863, two very different athlethical associations (soccer football and rugby football) split and the first Football Association was founded. These two very different associations split because London representitives met and had a arguement on October 26, 1863. Rugby needed and.

Historical origin of Foot. Historically, the human body has been used to provide the basis for units of length. The foot of a white male is typically about 15.3% of his height, giving a person of 160 centimetres (5 ft 3 in) a foot of 245 millimetres (9.6 in) and one of 180 centimetres (5 ft 11 in) a foot of 275 millimetres (10.8 in). Archaeologists believe that the Egyptians, Ancient Indians. Football definition is - any of several games played between two teams on a usually rectangular field having goalposts or goals at each end and whose object is to get the ball over a goal line, into a goal, or between goalposts by running, passing, or kicking: such as. How to use football in a sentence. Did You Know The origin of the foot rail is murky. Some accounts say they've been around for centuries, but you don't see them in paintings of taverns. (Then again, you won't see many bars depicted in early tavern paintings; mostly it's tables and tabards and genteel debauchery.) But foot rails were certainly flourishing by the end of the 19th century. Failed bars auctioning off their. L'histoire du football rend compte de la naissance et de l'évolution du football, un sport collectif apparu au milieu du XIX e siècle en Grande-Bretagne et devenu au siècle suivant le plus populaire au monde. Les racines que ce sport partage avec d'autres jeux de « football » remontent au Moyen Âge.Il est l'héritier de la soule médiévale, pratiqué notamment dans le Nord-Ouest de la.

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Football League Created with 12 clubs Accrington, Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers, Burnley, Everton, Preston North End, Aston Villa, its fans had always adhered to the origin of the word (fanatic), but in the latter part of the 20th century, football fans took their nationalistic fervor to new heights, adorning themselves in elaborate and vibrant costumes, travelling the continent and. Rui Pinto, à l'origine des Football Leaks, accusé d'extorsion Julian Assange version district. Rui Pinto, hacker lié aux « Football Leaks » , a été accusé ce jeudi de 147 délits au Portugal Definition of fleet of foot in the Idioms Dictionary. fleet of foot phrase. What does fleet of foot expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. What does fleet of foot expression mean By 1905, college football was all the rage, attracting tens of thousands of fans to games at a time when major-league baseball teams often attracted only 3,000—and pro football was still more. The origin of the name 'Redskins' by Chase Stuart. on February 28, 2013. in History. The uniform worn by the Boston Redskins in 1935. The debate concerning whether the Washington Redskins should change its name has resurfaced in recent weeks. I have my opinion as to whether a name change is appropriate, but nobody cares to read that. Instead, I'd like to recount the history behind the.

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Football's Origin at Alabama. 1893 Football Team Mr. W.G. Little, of Livingston, Ala., was the first man to introduce football at the University. Mr. Little had been a student at Andover, Mass., and went to the University (of Alabama) carrying his uniform and a great bag of enthusiasm for the game in 1892. A number of students joined in with him in the season beginning in October of that year. The game used modified London Football Association rules. During the next seven years, rugby gained favor with the major eastern schools over soccer, and modern football began to develop from rugby. Fast forward to 1939 when 939 The New York Giants defeated the Pro All-Stars 13-10 in the first Pro Bowl, at Wrigley Field, Los Angeles, January 15. Jump to Previous Decade Jump to Next Decade. Other articles where Folk football is discussed: football: The folk football games of the 14th and 15th centuries, which were usually played at Shrovetide or Easter, may have had their origins in pagan fertility rites celebrating the return of spring. They were tumultuous affairs. When village competed against village, kicking, throwing, and carrying What's the origin of the phrase 'Foot in the door'? The early uses of the term 'putting a foot in the door' are straightforward literal ones. It may just describe someone who steps over the threshold of a property, or someone putting a foot in the door in order to prevent it from closing and so continue a conversation. An early example of the latter comes in the American poet and playwright. Flag football as we know it today was developed on military bases in the early 1940's as a recreational sport for military personal. After World War II, recreational leagues soon developed. These leagues were patterned around the format used by softball leagues, and with their creation, the game we know and love was born. Arguably the most famous of these leagues was the National Flag & Touch.

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The dorsal and plantar interosseous muscles of the foot arise, not only from the metatarsal bones, but also from ligamentous tissue proximal to the tarsometatarsal joints. The interossei also take origin from the fascia of adjacent muscles, and the first dorsal interosseous muscle usually arises in part from a slip of the peroneus longus tendon. A means may thus exist to ensure that the. Origin Of Football Betting, It's Pros And Cons by WhoGoRead: 7:53am On Jul 20, 2019 Football betting is the gaming industry's most relevant and significant type of betting games. This is because of the range at which its pursued at in the gaming industry

Foot, plural feet, in measurement, any of numerous ancient, medieval, and modern linear measures (commonly 25 to 34 cm) based on the length of the human foot and used exclusively in English-speaking countries, where it generally consists of 12 inches or one-third yard.In most countries and in all scientific applications, the foot, with its multiples and subdivisions, has been superseded by the. Soccer encyclopedia, guide for beginners & fans The Game. Overview of the world's most popular game, describes different types of soccer games, origin & evolution of football; explains the rules, the player positions, the strategy & tactics Foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) is an Aphthovirus within the family Picornaviridae that infects domestic and free-ranging cloven-hoofed mammals. The virus occurs as 7 serotypes, and immunity after vaccination or after infection is type specific (1-3).Diversity is also apparent within serotypes, and phylogenetic studies have proved useful for tracing the origin of foot-and-mouth disease. Retrouvez tous les avis et tests D'origine Football sur Aliexpress France ! Livraison rapide Produits de qualité à petits prix Aliexpress : Achetez malin, vivez mieu THE ORIGIN OF FOOTBALL My Blog List. Official Manchester United Website. Van Gaal and Mourinho never abandoned Academy 11 hours ago Monday, 17 December 2012. THE ORIGIN OF FOOTBALL: man utd is the greatest team on earth. THE ORIGIN OF FOOTBALL: man utd is the greatest team on earth: Manchester United A historic team known all over the world. Most peopl... Posted by Unknown at 01:17 No comments.

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Newsletter Football. OK. Mort des suites du Covid-19, le saxophoniste Manu Dibango avait écrit l'hymne de la Coupe d'Afrique des Nations 1972 au Cameroun. Pour les besoins d'une face B de cette. ORIGIN OF FOOTBALL Questionscoop English - June 07, 2020 16:19 - 3 minutes - 1.75 MB Daily News News Homepage Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Overcast Castro Pocket Casts RSS feed. Previous Episode: HOW THINGS ARE WRONGLY PORTRAYED ABOUT ELEPHANT CASE. Football is a game that millions of people around the world play and love. This 90 minutes game is full of excitement and thrill. But do you. Football, also called soccer, is the most popular sport in the world today. More than 240 million people in more than 200 hundred countries play the game regularly. The World Cup, which is held every four years, boasts twice the number of spectators as the Summer Olympics. Although football is far older, the sport as we now know it was born in England in 1863. At that time, football clubs from.

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Publié le 23 juillet 2020 à 22h15 par B.C. Alors que le FC Barcelone aurait des vues sur Angel Di Maria afin de satisfaire Lionel Messi, l'attaquant du PSG ne verrait pas d'un mauvais œil son. Football became so violent in England it was banned by the king for more than 300 years. English public schools are credited with subsequently establishing the modern football codes, thus turning the mob riot into a sport in the 16th century. Olympic history. Football first appeared on the programme of the Games of the II Olympiad, Paris 1900. It has been on the programme of each edition of. Le site officiel de FIFA 20. Consultez, entre autres, les dernières infos et les bandes-annonces de FIFA 20, de VOLTA Football et d'EA SPORTS

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Mercato - OM : McCourt à l'origine d'un coup de tonnerre pour Villas-Boas ! Publié le 11 juillet 2020 à 3h45 par A.M. Alors qu'André Villas-Boas a finalement décidé de rester sur le banc de. The Atlantic Coast Conference and Notre Dame are considering whether the Fighting Irish will give up their treasured football independence to play as a member of the league for the 2020 season. The terms Brazil and football are pretty much synonymous with each other. Yes, any football fan worth his fan knows that this South American nation at one point dominated the game. 5 World Cups are proof of that. Considering they won 3 of those in the span of 4 tournaments shows that between the late 1950s to early 1970s, Brazil were in a class of their own

6h00 Foot - Mercato - Real Madrid Mercato - Real Madrid : Voulue par Zidane, cette star ne viendra pas au Real 5h45 Foot - Mercato - OM Mercato - OM : Cette nouvelle recrue est partie pour rester The Origin of the Sports Illustrated Football Phone. BY Jake Rossen. October 15, 2015 . YouTube. #TBT, our new Thursday series, takes a look back at the people, places, things, and trends that. Cet ensemble est initialement destiné aux arbitres de football mais est tout à fait adapté pour un arbitre de handball et probablement pour la plupart des sports collectifs. A noter que les fiches sont en allemand, personnellement je prévois de les utiliser au verso pour la prise de notes en cas de besoin. Dimensions fermée : 19x16cm Dimensions ouverte: 19x34cm Elle fait 3cm d'epaisseut. See who's going to be in the 2019 State of Origin Teams here at FOX SPORTS Retrouvez tous les avis et tests Sewing Foot Origin sur Aliexpress France ! Livraison rapide Produits de qualité à petits prix Aliexpress : Achetez malin, vivez mieu

State of Origin Touch Football 2006. Luciana Blanco. Follow. 5 years ago | 25 views. State of Origin Touch Football 2006. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 0:33. Super Bowl 2006: Michelob Ultra Touch Football Luverne Reece. Crédits : Netflix. Netflix jette un sou au Sorceleur et va une nouvelle fois porter l'univers de The Witcher à l'écran. Sur Twitter, la plateforme a aujourd'hui pris les fans par surprise et a annoncé qu'une mini-série, baptisée The Witcher : Blood Origin, est en développement.Elle explique préparer un spin-off de The Witcher où tu pourras faire connaissance avec le. Flowers, at 6-foot-3, could be an ideal matchup in the slot depending on an opponent's personnel. Flowers has been kind of a forgotten man this offseason, but he very well might end up being a noteworthy contributor in 2020 when it's all said and done. Antonio Brown announces retirement after Seahawks reportedly conduct deep dive . Antonio Brown announces retirement after Seahawks.

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